Top 10 Famous weddings in Udaipur
  • 11, Mar 2018

Top 10 Famous weddings in Udaipur

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The royal land of Udaipur is measured as one of the most admired and romantic wedding destinations for the couples. Udaipur is definitely the wedding capital of India and for every Udaipurite out there, it is a proud moment as people choose this city to celebrate such a precious and big day of their lives. Our favorite celebrities too yearn to celebrate their D-day with all this and much more. There is one destination in India that has seen many celebrity couples tie the knot in a royal affair.

Tips to choose perfect wedding venue for your wedding
  • 10, Mar 2018

Tips to choose perfect wedding venue for your wedding

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Planning a wedding is not easy. While thinking about every detail of a wedding is optional, from wearing a designer wedding dress to ditching the flowers to forgoing the wedding cake on your D-day, but there is one thing you can’t skip: Wedding venue! After all, you will need a place somewhere for your family and friends to gather and celebrate!


But finding the perfect venue is not an easy task. There are so many options to choose from, whether you’re looking for a stunning palace, an elegant hotel, a cosy church, or a quiet stretch of beach. So here are the tips from a wedding planner for finding your dream wedding venue.


Talk to your Planner and asked questions First: Yes, before you start looking for a wedding venue! “Planners are much more familiar with the capabilities of a venue, the layout, and the time and items you’ll need to transform it really. If there’s a creative way to make it unique or a quirk about the space that could make your vision hard to accomplish, your planner will know! Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you ask all the necessary questions because all negotiation power is no more useful after the contract is finalised.


Know Your Guest List: Venue is much more dependent on your wedding guest. Knowing how many guests you’re expecting to invite before you go looking at sites will help save you from headaches down the road. Couples often neglect and not consider how many people they will invite or how many their parents will wish to add, so have that conversation early to know what you’re really working with to avoid any mess.


Consider Your Budget: Know how much your total budget is, as well as approximately what your design will cost to execute. If adding that on top of the cost of using the space blows your budget out of the limit, you’ll either need to scale back your design and expectations or look at more affordable spaces. If you want a royal wedding, than you need a palace or hotel with a royal touch. Consult with your planner to get information that’s more specific than the national averages often found online.


Look at logistics:  Convenience is key. Whether it’s enough rooms for your guests, firm distance from the ceremony to the reception, a short drive from the guest hotels to the venue, these are all considerations that are more important when selecting your location. Your guest experience will be affected by logistics, so make it easy and comfortable for everyone.


Confirm a backup plan: Because weather can be a gamble, make sure you have a backup plan in your pocket. For the bride that has always imagined her reception outdoors under the stars, a gloomy forecast can be heartbreaking. Always make sure you have a backup Plan B, whether that is building a tent or moving the celebration inside. And also consider how your decor will change as well.


Stay True to Yourselves: You should be looking for a venue that makes you feel the same way much like the feeling you get when you find your perfect wedding dress. You can find yourself walking down the aisle, imagine your photos with a particular dream background, and feel confident your guests will enjoy the wedding venue as much as you do.

Reasons why Gujarati Couple should host their wedding in Udaipur
  • 9, Mar 2018

Reasons why Gujarati Couple should host their wedding in Udaipur

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Tying the knot with your significant other is assuredly the most important moment of your life. And there’s no better way to make this moment more memorable by capturing it in one of the royal palaces of Udaipur, which are away from the bustling city life. These days many Gujarati couples are tying knots in Udaipur, and the city has become the hot wedding destination for the Gujarati duo.

The magnificence of these forts and palaces and the luxurious aura of the hotels make your destination wedding in Udaipur a classy affair for everyone to cherish throughout! Thanks to such adventures, taking a trip to Udaipur for planning your D-day seems entirely worth it!

So in this blog, you will find out the Reasons why Gujrati Couple hosts their wedding in Udaipur:

Because Distance matters: Udaipur is well connected to the international airports of India, and is situated in close proximity to Gujarat. The presence and availability of buses, trains, and daily flights to Gujarat add up to the convenience and strikes off one of the major concerns of your Gujarati destination wedding in Udaipur. So you don’t need to worry kyoki Udaipur to Baju ma Che!!!!

Culture similarity: It may not look like, but Rajasthani and Gujarati Culture have many similarities. From language to customs to traditional wears many things are same. Many Rajasthani people work in Gujarat. The dance, language, and music, even though they are closely tied together too. Gujarati and Rajasthani both languages derived from old-Gujarati. So the language and culture similarity often attract Gujarati couples to Udaipur.

Wedding Transportation is an easy task: You don’t need to worry much about your guest. Wedding logistics can easily transport because the distance is not a topic of worry.

Your wedding guest can easily travel, and they don’t need to overthink in transportation because of the availability of buses, trains, and daily flights.

Sightseeing locations in the most romantic city: You don’t need to worry about your pre-wedding photo shoot as Udaipur is surrounded with amazing sites. Udaipur’s scenic beauty and pleasant weather are enough for you to get around and witness its glory. With so many places to go like The Monsoon Palace, Saheliyo Ki Badi, your guests get to spend some quality time with their families.

Food!!!!!! Don’t Worry: Udaipur and Gujarat are close to each other in terms of food and taste. Both Gujarati and Rajasthani traditional food is primarily vegetarian and has high nutritional value. For those who are on a lookout for variety, Rajasthan has a lot to offer. If you are an NRI Gujarati family and want to explore pure, authentic Gujarati taste, you can also hire a Gujarati caterer in no time because distance does not matter.

The Charisma and the charm of this city is romantic in particular, after all, that’s how you would want your new life to begin. Get up and plan your Gujarati wedding in Udaipur in a beautiful way.