Wedding Venues

Wedding Venue is the foremost important thing in any Destination Wedding in India

While pretty much every aspect of a wedding is optional, from wearing a suit instead of a dress to ditching the flowers to forgoing the wedding cake, there’s one thing you can’t skip: a venue! After all, you’ve got to have somewhere for your friends and family to gather and celebrate!

Finding the perfect venue  for your wedding in Udaipur, Goa, Mumbai, Pushkar and Ahmedabad is now easy with the expert team of Event Gurus. While finalizing a Wedding Venue, we takes the following things into consideration :

Choosing a Venue that Aligns with Your Vision

Choosing a venue that fits in with (and enhances) your theme will enable your wedding to feel more connected to the space. There are many wedding venues in Udaipur, Goa, Mumbai, Pushkar and Ahmedabad which can help us write your fairytale wedding.

Knowing Your Guest List

Knowing how many guests you’re expecting to invite before you go looking at venues will help save you from headaches and heartaches down the road.

Everything Under Your Budget

At Event Gurus, we understand that every wedding is unique and has got a unique budget. This makes us understand your needs and expectations more clearly while finalizing any wedding venue.


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